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Initial Public Offering (IPO)

Raising Equity Capital

Initial Public Offering (IPO) — the first sale of stock to a wide range of investors through listing shares on a stock exchange. Companies offering securities in an IPO are usually seeking outside equity capital and a public market for the stock.

Transaction benefits

    Financial resources for future business development with no specified repayment period.

    Lowered borrowing rates and diversified funding sources.

    Ongoing independent (market) business valuation that can further be used in negotiations over majority share holding sale to strategic investors.

    Mergers and acquisitions funding using additional share offerings.

    Gained credibility among investors, partners, and clients.

    Public reputation and status, which permits the attraction of reliable and professional partners, as well as finding new high profile counterparts.

Sokrat services

    Transaction viability estimation and overall placement strategy.

    Evaluating IPO features: expected share price and placement volume.

    Business restructuring, legal advice and assistance - for complying with investors’ demands, as well as the formal requirements of regulators and stock exchanges.

    Selection and coordination of third parties’ engagement (auditors, legal counsels, etc.).

    Preparing information materials (prospectus, info memos, presentations) and documentation for investors.

    Coordination of the structuring and drafting of legal documents.

    IR coordination, including the organization of road-shows and presentations.

    Communication with investors to ensure competitive share pricing.

    Transaction support and tax planning.

    Post-IPO analytical support.

Transaction features

    Strict formal requirements for prospective issuer’s legal and organizational structure, as well as for obligatory financial information disclosure and shareholding structure.

    IFRS-audited financials and independent Board members are strict requirements.

    Mandatory listing of shares on a stock exchange.

    Regular IFRS reporting and ad-hoc disclosure of the company’s material financial facts and important events.

Prospective Issuer

    Business development strategy for the next 35 years.

    Readiness for regular and full information disclosure to the public, including shareholders, mass media, and market analysts.

    Industry leader with positive growth dynamics.

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