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Acquisitions is a logical business development stage. Successful purchases can significantly increase business volume and market exposure, as well as taking the company to a new level, for instance, by helping build a vertically integrated business with added value.

Sokrat resources

Besides vast experience in local transactions support, an exclusive Global M&A membership allows the Sokrat team to access the information resources of network participants in 36 countries worldwide. Through Global M&A, Sokrat receives information on the available investment opportunities in network member countries, as well as business owners’ readiness for negotiations.

Client benefits

    Sokrat’s 14-year long experience in M&A.

    Extensive database of financial and sectoral information on Ukraine’s leading companies.

    Practiced business valuation and sale procedure approaches.

    Search for suitable purchase target in any country.

Sokrat services

    developing strategy

    defining transaction parameters and searching for suitable targets

    synergetic effect evaluation

    target business valuation

    managing business ownership transfer

    negotiating with target business owners

    structuring transactions, involving:

    escrow accounts

    processing non-resident contractor payments

    secure delivery of and payment for securities

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