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Portfolio management

Portfolio management is the best way to maintain and augment your capital by investing in the stock market. Investing is a complex business, which requires profound knowledge, experience, and professional qualifications, and consumes an immense amount of time.

To receive the maximum return on investments, reduce risks and save time, we offer our clients trust management services. A universal set of investment strategies will allow you better orientation on the market and to understand what strategy is most preferable for you.

Portfolio management includes:

    development of your investment strategy with due account of your wishes;

    diversification of your asset structure by using various investment instruments;

    creation and management of your personal investment portfolio.

We provide you:

    a high standard of service;

    strict confidentiality;

    professional risk management.

Why portfolio management?

As your wealth and capital grow, you will face the growing need for its efficient and professional management. Many years ago, wealthy people throughout the world learned the value of trust management as a way to maintain and grow their wealth.

Investments into financial markets are believed to be among the most profitable business activities. According to Forbes magazine, 24% of all billionaire estate owners earned their fortunes on investments in financial markets in particular.

The yield on investments in securities is higher than the interest on bank deposits. The stock market is of a more dynamic nature, which calls for adequate experience and expertise to obtain higher returns. However, investing in securities always involves the risk of making the wrong decision. That is why wise investments demand professional know-how.

Why do share prices grow?

In the long-term, share prices grow because companies whose shares are traded on the market produce tangible assets. If a company is successful, the price of its shares can grow indefinitely.

The foundations of such growth may be different. One should discriminate between reasons of a speculative nature and fundamental reasons. Fundamental reasons include the temporary undervaluation of a company’s value (value stocks) when, due to different reasons, the majority of interested parties gives a price quotation that is lower than the fair value. Another fundamental reason may be the growth of a company itself or the industry it belongs to.

The standards of domestic corporate governance are currently considerably behind global standards. This often results in the inadequate presentation of companies’ accounting records, which often leads to a lowering of their real value. Taking into account Ukraine’s growing integration into the global economic community and that a majority of companies are beginning to consider the opportunity of attracting capital through IPOs and private offerings, we expect qualitative improvements in the corporate governance of Ukrainian companies, as well as the financial reporting provided by them, which will have a positive effect on the valuation of these companies and give rise to their shares growth.


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