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Debt Capital and Structured Products

Debt Capital — funding with repayment, interest, maturity features and terms, priority repayment claims principles, that do not disturb the shareholding structure.


    Wide range of alternative debt instruments to the traditional loan market.

    Raising capital for a specified time period.

    Retaining control over business operational management and development strategy.

    Market practice requirements and covenants, mandatory for compliance.

    Relatively short period of raising capital.

Client benefits

    Resources for business development and liquidity support.

    Lowered borrowing rates and diversified funding sources.

    Raising funding without collateral.

    Flexibility in terms of funding tenures and maturity.

    Access to resources on international capital markets.

Sokrat services

Products & Services


Issuing domestic currency bonds (UAH) Short implementation period, minimum amount - 10 mln UAH, no IFRS reporting requirements
Syndicated loans advisory Maturity: 1-5 years. Minimum amount - $10 mln Implementation: 8-12 weeks
Credit Linked Notes (CLN, OTC market) issues Maturity: 1-3 years. Minimum amount - $30 mln Implementation: 7-9 weeks
Loan Participation Notes (LPN, public market) advisory Maturity: 3-7 years. Minimum amount -$100 mln Implementation: 9—24 weeks. Mandatory IFRS reporting and international ratings
Advisory on structured trade and project finance, including that covered by foreign ECAs Maturity: 2-7 years. Costs and implementation — depending on the project
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