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Oil and gas


Oil and gas
November 12, 2008
Ukrnafta: after a halt, refueling begins
A revision of Ukrnafta’s prospects incorporates sharply lower expectations, but nevertheless renders the stock underpriced.
Oil and gas
July 14, 2008
Ukrnafta: mental vs. fundamental
Ukrnafta did not pay dividends in early summer 2007, contrary to expectations, and is in the midst of a shareholder conflict, upsetting investors. The stock behaved as a PFTS index dummy for most of 2008 (see right), ignoring roaring oil prices and Ukrnafta’s own profits. The 2Q08 results will remind investors once again that these are fundamentally good times for the business.
Oil and gas
March 26, 2008
Ukrnafta: bottom of compression cycle
The corporate conflict at Ukrnafta led to unreasonable compression of investors’ expectations. An ignition may be close in time.
Oil and gas
February 1, 2008
Galnaftogaz: filling up for the long run, ready to cut the corner
One of the best companies in terms of corporate governance, Concern Galnaftogaz may be able to deliver value to shareholders using a long and windy road of self-sustained development and expansion. However, ample opportunities for corporate maneuvers may present much speedier and certain ways of deliverance.
Oil and gas
November 20, 2007
Ukrnafta: pricing in the oil prices
Oil prices rises, mixed with moderate expectations of fuel sales increases, both vindicate an upward revision of Ukrnafta’s prospects.

Daily monitor

Oil and gas
January 25, 2011
Ukrnafta shortens oil sales

In 2010 Ukrnafta [UNAF UK] has shortened sales of oil and gas condensate by 17.8% YoY to 2.2 mln tons. Liquified gas condensate sales lost 12.4% to 158 thsd tons, light distillate – 31.6% to 174 thsd tons. Oil extraction fell by 12.2% to 2.2 mln tons, gas condensate extraction declined by 12.4% to 270 thsd tons. Liquified gas production lost 11.6% falling to 160.5 thsd tons, light distillate output decreased by 25.4% to 190 thsd tons.

Oil and gas
January 12, 2011
Ukrnafta’s production down double-digit figures in 2010

Ukrnafta’s [UNAF UK, U/R] production of oil and gas condensate in 2010 declined by 12.1% YoY to 2.5 mt, while its natural gas segment posted a 17.3% YoY drop to 2.4 mln cbm.

Oil and gas
December 14, 2010
Ukrnafta’s output figures down in November

Ukrnafta’s oil, gas condensate and natural gas production continued to decline in November. The output of oil and gas condensate was down 4.8% MoM, while the natural gas output posted a modest 0.6% decline over October figure.

Oil and gas
November 19, 2010
UNAF’s royalty fee surged 40% as of ’11

Yesterday the Parliament approved the new Tax code, which raises the oil and gas condensate and natural gas royalty fees by 40%. It was also noted that the further increase may follow soon. Moreover, the fee for extracting hydrocarbons is also raised by 18.5%. The Tax code is effective from January 1, 2011.

Oil and gas
November 11, 2010
Ukrnafta’s oil and gas condensate output shows further decreases in October

Ukrnafta’s oil and gas condensate production continued to decline in October, although at a slower pace compared to September. In October, output retracted by 1.7% MoM to 206.8 thsd tons, which amounted to 2.1 mln tons of oil and gas condensate in 10M2010, or a decline of 12.7% YoY. Ukraine’s total oil and gas condensate extraction was down 3.7% in October and dropped by 10.8% in 10M10.

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