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Economy and politics
April 24, 2009
IMF loan second tranche: market reaction
A memorandum on economic policy was sent to the IMF this week, Ukrainian officials have announced. The memorandum describes a number of actions aimed at stabilizing the economic situation in the country. The key points of the document will be announced once it is signed by the President, Prime-Minister, the Governor of the National Bank and the Minister of Finance.
Economy and politics
March 16, 2009
Silent Spring: Macroeconomic Update
The economic crisis has been unwinding rapidly in Ukraine, forcing many economists to revise their earlier forecasts regarding the macroeconomic scenarios in 2009. Namely, the depth of the real sector downturn, the substantial devaluation of the hryvnia caused by panic on the foreign exchange market, and a weak government response to changing economic conditions are among the factors that were not entirely anticipated by either domestic or foreign analysts.
Economy and politics
December 10, 2008
Belarus: country report
Belarus (literally translated as ‘White Rus’) is a landlocked economy in transition, located in Eastern Europe and neighboring Ukraine, the Russian Federation, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland.
Economy and politics
November 6, 2008
Implications of the Uzbek 2009 Investment Program
The President of Uzbekistan recently signed the “2009 Investment Program”. The overall 2009 CapEx will amount to USD 7.8 bln including USD 1.4 bln FDI. USD 0.9 bln FDI will be invested in the oil & gas sector. Implications of the 2009 investment program include: the building of new roads, bridges, gas and water pipelines; the building of new public health and educational structures and other establishments; the modernization of several industrial enterprises. As a result, we assume that particular companies will be the focus and benefit from the investments in Uzbekistan next year:
Economy and politics
November 3, 2008
Parliament revived on Halloween just to accept anti-crisis measures
Despite his previous decision regarding Parliament’s dismissal (see Sokrat October 9 flashnote), President Viktor Yuschenko put his decree on hold temporarily to ensure that Parliament passes a series of emergency anti-crisis measures. After accepting the President’s version of the anti-crisis legislation in the first reading last week, the Parliament finally passed a law on Friday, October 31, 2008. The law was supported by 243 MPs out of 450.

Daily monitor

Economy and politics
February 8, 2011
Inflation in Ukraine in January 2011 accelerated to 1%

According to State Statistics Committee of Ukraine, inflation in Ukraine accelerated to 1% in January 2011 compared to 0.8% in December 2010. Food prices rose by 1.3%, alcohol and tobacco by 0.5%, utilities by 1.4% (hot water and heating tariffs rose by 5.7%), and transportation (including rising fuel prices and oil at 5.4%) grew by 2.4%.

Economy and politics
January 18, 2011
Industrial output in December grew by 12.5% YoY

Industrial output in Ukraine grew by 12.5% in December 2010, compared to December 2009. In 2010, industrial production increased by 11% YoY.

Economy and politics
December 24, 2010
Ukraine will receive another USD 1.53 bln from IMF

Ukraine will receive second tranche of International Monetary Fund (IMF) loan amounted to USD 1.53 bln.

Economy and politics
November 30, 2010
State budget deficit in 10M10 is 5.4% of GDP

State budget deficit of Ukraine in 10M10 amounted to UAH 56.6 bln, which is 4.6% more than planned UAH 54.1 bln.

Economy and politics
November 29, 2010
Government debt increased to USD 51.2 bln

Direct state debt and state-guaranteed debt of Ukraine grew by 0.3% to USD 51.2 bln in October, equals 28.7% increase in 10M10.

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