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March 26, 2010
Motor Sich to pay dividends of UAH 3.1 per share

Motor Sich [MSICH UZ, U/R] plans to pay out UAH 5.9 mln in dividends for 2009, which amounts to UAH 3.1 per share. This decision was taken by shareholders at the Company’s general meeting, held on Wednesday, March 24.

March 25, 2010
SPF plans for LTPL privatization in April
The State Property Fund, the current holder of the state’s 76% stake in Luhanskteplovoz [LTPL UZ, U/R], plans to announce the privatization of the Company in April. The starting price, according to the Deputy Head of the Fund, Mr. Ryabchenko, will be a little higher than UAH 400 mln (USD 50 mln).
March 24, 2010
HMBZ posts higher than expected net income
The Kharkiv Machine Building Plant Svitlo Shakhtarya [HMBZ UZ, BUY] reported that it posted UAH 39.3 mln (USD 4.9 mln) in net income in 2009, which is 9% higher than we expected (we expected NI to be USD 4.5 mln). In 2009, the Company managed to decrease current liabilities by 41% to UAH 28 mln, while assets increased by 5% to UAH 408.7 mln.
March 22, 2010
Kryukiv Railcar delivers train to Kyiv subway

Kryukiv Railcar [KVBZ UZ, BUY], leading Ukrainian railcar producer, reported on the successful shipment of a subway train to the Kyiv Metropolitan subway. The train consists of two main cars (model 81-7021), and three intermediate cars (model 81-7022). The value of the contract has not yet been disclosed.

March 12, 2010
Kyiv Metropolitan to buy 100 subcars in 2010

The Kyiv Metropolitan subway has announced its intention to purchase 100 subway cars via financial leasing (via the company Ukrrosleasing). It is planned that 75 cars are to be produced by Russian companies and 25 by Kryukiv Railcar. The

March 11, 2010
Kryukiv Railcar passenger car output down in 2M10

Kryukiv Railcar [KVBZ UZ, BUY], a leading Ukrainian producer of both freight and passenger railcars, reported a decline in output of passenger cars in January-February 2010 by four times. At the same time, the output of freight railcars rose three-fold in the same period.

March 10, 2010
Sumy Frunze delivers USD 9.3 order to Surgutneftegaz

Sumy Frunze Machine Building [SMASH UZ, U/R], the leading CIS manufacturer of machinery equipment for the oil and gas industry, has successfully delivered three gas turbine blocks to the Russian-based Surgutneftegaz. The equipment is designed for one of the client’s power plants and has an aggregate power of 36 MW. The purpose of the equipment is to utilize the associated gas for producing electricity (earlier, Surgutneftegaz burned associated gas in flares.

March 9, 2010
Court blocks Turboatom’s dividends payment

The Economic Court of the Kharkiv Region has fully satisfied the claim of one of Turboatom’s minority’s shareholders (Svarog Asset Management), which declared the decision taken by TATM shareholders at its AGM (held on February 4, 2010) to be invalid. In particular, as a result of this decision, the dividends payment that was adopted at the AGM was blocked (the shareholders had decided to pay out UAH 44.1 mln in dividends).

March 9, 2010
KRAZ output down 99.1%, ZAZ up 194%

AvtoKrAZ [KRAZ UZ, N/R], a Ukrainian producer of heavy trucks, has reported a decline in February production by 99.1% MoM (the Company produced only one car). At the same time, ZAZ, a leading Ukrainian auto manufacturer, reported a rise in production by 194% MoM, as the Company produced 770 cars in February vs. 262 in January.

March 5, 2010
ZAZ reports USD 19.9 mln net loss in 2009

The Zaporizhia Auto Plant, a leading Ukrainian automobile producer, reported a net loss of UAH 158.8 mln (approx. USD 19.9 mln) in 2009. This compares to the UAH 390.6 mln net loss posted by the Plant in 2008.

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