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CJSC ‘FC Sokrat’ Among Top Three Leaders for Shares Sold in 2008, According to PFTS Ratings

February 11, 2009

The CJSC ‘FC Sokrat’, a member of the ‘Sokrat’ investment group, has ranked third in terms of its sale of shares in 2008, according to ratings of professional market participants composed by Ukraine’s PFTS Stock Exchange.

The total volume of share transactions concluded on the PFTS Stock Exchange in 2008 amounted to UAH 12.93 bln. The total volume of share transactions concluded on the PFTS Stock Exchange in 2008 amounted to UAH 12.93 bln. For this period, the volume of transaction agreements to which the CJSC ‘FC Sokrat’ is a party reached UAH 1.96 bln. The company’s proportion of the total amount of contracts entered into by all parties for shares traded on the PFTS is 7.57%. “The fall of the world and consequentially, the Ukrainian stock market, in 2008 resulted in a significant decrease in the number of transactions in the second half of the year. The sharp downturn in the global economy, the devaluation of the hryvnia by 60%, the worsening of the macroeconomic and exacerbation of the domestic political situation, have minimized the interest of foreign investors. The bulk of transactions were carried out due to non-residents’ withdrawal from the securities of Ukrainian companies,” commented Vladimir Ponomarenko, the General Director of the CJSC ‘FC Sokrat’.

“In 2009, the stock market will tend to move sideways with a probable small increase at the end of the year. The general background of reducing the financial performance of many companies, as well as the possible number of defaults on corporate bonds can be expected only a small amount of speculative investment in individual securities. Among the most interesting sectors for investors, it should be noted sector producing consumer goods and agriculture. Investors are waiting, watching, what will happen at the global and local markets. The securities of most Ukrainian companies have fallen by 80-90% and some are traded closer to their nominal face value, but in the absence of external and internal stabilizing factors, investors will address the implementation of their investments selectively,” added Vladimir Ponomarenko.

According to 2007 results, the ‘FC Sokrat’ was named among the three top companies, as rated by the PFTS, in terms of shares traded.

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