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December 11, 20082009 - Opportunities for investors and business owners

The ‘Sokrat’ investment group presents its view on the relevance of real opportunities for owners of companies that are experiencing financial difficulties, as well as investors with free capital.

November 27, 2008The ‘Sokrat’ Investment Group starts seminars dedicated to investing into Objects of Art

As part of the Art-Banking program, the ‘Sokrat’ Investment Group starts seminars dedicated to investing into Objects of Art. The seminars are called to present most fully and comprehensively the opportunities of the Art Market as a potentially attractive and promising place for investment.

November 24, 2008“Sokrat” Declared the Best Managed Institution in Asset Management in Ukraine by the International Financial Publication Euromoney

The authoritative international publication Euromoney has recognized ‘Sokrat’ as the Best Managed Institution in Asset Management in Ukraine within the ranking “Best Managed Financial Institutions”. This award was presented by Euromoney’s Representative in Europe, Martin Born.

October 9, 2008Andrey Snegirev Appointed Acting Chairman of ‘Sokrat’ Financial Company

The appointment of Andrey Snegirev reflects the intentions of shareholders of the ‘Sokrat’ Investment Group to establish a top-management comprised of the best professionals in Ukraine’s financial sector, having both experience with international financial institutions and a strong knowledge of the specifics of the Ukrainian market. At the next General shareholders’ meeting, participants will approve Andrey Snegirev as Chairman of the JSC ‘Sokrat’ Financial Company. Valery Nilov, who had previously occupied the post of Chairman of the Board, will be appointed as the company’s President.

September 4, 2008‘Sokrat’ Investment Group Launches ‘Heir’ Program for VIP Clients

In the stream of Trust management, specialists from the ‘Sokrat’ Investment Group have developed the ‘Heir’ investment program especially for VIP clients. This is the first program in Ukraine to offer the opportunity to create an individual securities portfolio for one’s child. Each portfolio – whether it be moderately conservative, balanced, or moderately aggressive – is dependent on the personal goals and preferences of the individual client's investment strategy. The minimum required investment is UAH 100,000, with the possibility of continual replenishment and a recommended investment period of three or more years. One’s individual portfolio is made up of stocks, bonds, securities investment funds, as well as other tools.

August 28, 2008“Sokrat” Investment Group Moves to New Office

The “Sokrat” Investment Group informs its clients and partners that, in connection with the development of its business, companies belonging to this Group – including the “Sokrat” Asset Management Company – will occupy its new office as of September 1, 2008. It is located in the “Parus” Business Center at the address: 2 Mechnikova, Kyiv, 01601.

August 27, 2008‘Sokrat’ Investment Group Introduces Liquidity Risk Management System

The ‘Sokrat’ Investment Group is continuing to actively work on improving the system of risk management for its clients, by proposing a new Ukrainian market for technology by which it is possible to assess the liquidity of shares portfolios

July 18, 2008‘Sokrat’ Investment Group Introduces New Internet-Based Service

As of July of this year, the ‘Sokrat’ Financial Company is offering a new service, which entails the Custodian sending statements on securities transactions to its customers via Internet. The opportunity to provide this service was realized as part of the implementation of the company’s program on the automation of business processes, which got underway in early 2008.

July 14, 2008‘Sokrat’ Investment Group Introduces New ‘Art-Banking’ Service

The ‘Sokrat’ Investment Group has suggested the launch of a new Ukrainian investment market for “Art-Banking”, which will be managed under the umbrella of the company’s Private Banking Department.

June 12, 2008‘Sokrat’ Investment Group Presents Promising Market for Investment Services

In analyzing the current situation in world financial markets, analysts from the ‘Sokrat’ Investment Group hold a moderately optimistic forecast, highlighting a number of fundamental factors that warrant the long-term growth of the Ukrainian stock market.

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