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“Sokrat” Investment Group Moves to New Office

August 28, 2008

The “Sokrat” Investment Group informs its clients and partners that, in connection with the development of its business, companies belonging to this Group – including the “Sokrat” Asset Management Company – will occupy its new office as of September 1, 2008. It is located in the “Parus” Business Center at the address: 2 Mechnikova, Kyiv, 01601.

In relation to this relocation, the previous telephone numbers (044) 207 0100 and 207 0105 remain in force and one more has been introduced: (044) 498-49-10. The company’s email address remains the same as before.

The decision to relocate to the new office, which is situated in one of the best business centers of Ukraine’s capital, was a judicious step in realizing the Group’s long-term development strategy. In the past while, the “Sokrat” Group of companies has opened several new directions of activity, aimed at expanding its presence in Ukraine and the countries of the CIS, has developed a system of systematizing its management and reporting on financial activitiy. As well, the number of the company’s personnel has increased more than two-fold.

According to Alexander Smaliy, the First Deputy Chairman of the Closed Joint Stock Company “Sokrat” Financial Company, “The key to a company’s success is its personnel and in the new office, all the conditions are present for the productive work of the “Sokrat” team, to the advantage of partners and clients. This new office is not simply a comfortable venue, but an effective and efficient workplace for us at ‘Sokrat’. This is, most probably, a transition to a new stage in the company’s development – the foundation of a modern infrastructure complex that compares to the standards of the world’s leading financial centers”.

The concept for the office’s design, done in the hi-tech style, was developed by a group of architects from the “Denzaworkspace” Company, with the participation of Yorg Rostok, the Director of the architectural bureau “M2R” (United Kingdom). The European concept of office building design was utilized as its foundation, for which the company then proposed numerous innovative solutions that embody basic attributes of contemporary design. The effective zoning of non-traditional spacing contributes a spacious, light-filled office that organically combines open space and cabinets, a work zone and a zone for relaxing. The office was finished using modern materials and equipment from leading international brands, which allowed the designers to successfully underline the original geometry of the office, as well as its color gamma of the renewed “Sokrat” brand.

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