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‘Sokrat’ investment group widens spectrum of research services

March 18, 2009

The Research Department of the ‘Sokrat’ investment group has begun conducting research focused on clients’ individual needs. The main focus of such research is aimed at analyzing individual companies or particular sectors of the economy, which includes a description of the business and ownership structure of a company, evaluation of its operating and financial performance, a study of the competitive environment, risks, SWOT analysis, assessment of current trends, the medium-and long-term outlook, as well as other business aspects.

“We are seeing considerable interest in similar products in relation to the growing number of small and medium-sized transactions in the M & A segment, which are ‘critical’ in nature, as well as the reduction in interest in the stock market at the present time on the part of investors,” commented Konstantin Stepanov, Director of the Research Department of the ‘Sokrat’ investment group. “Comprehensive analytical support to clients in all areas of business groups has always been and remains an integral part of our service. At the same time, the new service permits current and new clients to receive an additional service that meets the actual needs of their respective companies.”

The ‘Sokrat’ investment group provides its clients with an overview of the following sectors on a regular basis: mining and metallurgy, the oil and gas industry, the chemical industry, machine building, electric power, agriculture, consumer goods, retail (retail chains), the financial sector (banks and insurance companies), pharmaceuticals, construction and building materials, telecommunications and media, and transport, in addition to reviewing the macroeconomic situation and providing analysis of fixed income instruments (sovereign and corporate bonds).

To subscribe to the research materials or to order individual research and analytical reports, please contact Konstantin Stepanov, Director of the Research Department of the ‘Sokrat’ investment group by phone at + 38 044 207-0100 or at the e-mail address

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