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Alternative Investments

Alternative investments are considered to be the best opportunity for diversification, with instruments not connected with stock market fluctuations.

Sokrat Private Banking offers investments in precious metals and art banking, as well as other types of alternative investments.

Precious metals investments such as gold, silver and platinum are traditionally the least risky. They are less affected by inflation and, at the same time, are rather liquid assets. Among the existing and the most convenient forms of this type of investment is opening an unallocated account.

Art Banking

Paintings are traditionally considered to be the most profitable tool on the antiques market. Paintings have always been of high value and, as world auction practice has proven, will always remain the most profitable investment.

The market of Art Objects is one of the oldest investment markets in the world. The well-off and specially created funds (including royal and imperial museums) began to buy works of art long before appearance of railway shares. Acquisition of Art Objects was the prerogative in gathering of well-off investors.

Currently the greater part of art-assets is in the property and management of state museums all over the world. General capitalization of the market of Art Objects (only paintings) makes more than $250 milliards. At the same time, in free circulation is no more than 2 % of assets.

The basic players of the world art-market are auction houses Sotheby's, Christie's и MacDougall's, the annual receipts of which make more than $2 milliards. In 2007-2008 the increase of sales of works of the Russian and Ukrainian artists became the primary trends in the world art-market. "Suprematist Composition" of Kazimir Malevich, sold at Sotheby's New York for $60 million, set a world record for Russian art.

In spite of the fact that the modern Ukrainian Art Market is in the stage of becoming, its dynamic rates of development and relatively low price levels appeals to a greater number of both domestic and foreign investors.

Are you interested in alternative investments? We will be glad to discuss this investment opportunity with you. Please contact us with questions at +38 (044) 207-01-00 to make an appointment with a private banking manager.

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