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Sokrat’s management has significant expertise in providing fixed-income services. We advise our clients on a wide range of debt-related transactions, ranging from research and advisory to private placement and bond trading.

Sokrat has established a relationship with the majority of the Top 10 Ukrainian banks, which also contributes to our local and international client base. This enables us to work closely with the bond-issuers and their legal and banking advisors on all fixed income assignments.

OOur major clients include:

    investment companies

    insurance companies

    credit unions

    mutual funds and other money managers

The Sokrat international fixed income sales team provides updated market information and investment ideas for our clients to reach their trading goals and hedging strategies.

We have implemented a client-oriented strategy that combines value-driven research with product and market information to build portfolios that will adequately suit our clients’ investment strategies.

+38 (044)207-01-00

Office 65, 70 Pochaininskaya str.,
Kiev 04070, Ukraine
E-mail: contact@sokrat.com.ua

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